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The Summer of the guitar!
Reserve your seat: +39 (0) 335. 5255988

All the concerts are free entrance...


3 July -Monday

JULIA TRINTSCHUK - "the virtuosic guitar" - (GERMANY)

Classical Guitar

Music by D. Scarlatti, A.Barrios, J.S.Bach

Fermo - Chiesa di S. Filippo - 21.30

4 July -Tuesday

DUO VEŠLIGAJ - REŽMAN + POLONA UDOVIC - "from Arabia to South America" - (SLOVENIA)

Vojko Vešligaj - chitarra

Mitja Režman - basso acustico

Polona Udovic - voce

Music by  I. Maalouf, M. Llobet, H. Villa-Lobos, A. Lauro, C. Domeniconi.

Porto San Giorgio (FM) - Rocca Tiepolo - 21.30


5July - Wensday

MASCARA QUARTET -  “From Tango to Fado” - (SLOVENIA)

Polona Udovič - vocal, violin

Timi Krajnc - guitar

Vojko Vešligaj - guitar

Mitja Režman - bass guitar

Flamenco music by Mariza, Dulce Pontes, Amalia Rodriguies, Astor Piazzolla

Campofilone (FM) - Orto abbaziale - 21.30

8 July - Saturday

ROBERTO TASCINI  -  “Cartoline dalla Spagna” - (SPAIN)

Spanish Guitar

Music by J.Rodrigo and F.Moreno-Torroba

Fermo (FM) - Cisterne Romane - 19.30 *

10 July - Monday

JIMMY LIU - "The oriental guitar composer" (TAIWAN)

Classical Guitar

Musiche by  J. L. Merlin, D.Ungerrank, M.Langer, Yu-lan Kuo, C. Lu, C. Wong, Q. Sinesi, M. Duplessy: Ulan Bator

Porto San Giorgio (FM) - Rocca Tiepolo - 21.30

17 July - Monday

ARCHIBUGIO ENSEMBLE-  “Sì dolce è ‘l tormento”(ITALY)

Miriam Fantacone: Voice

Marco Banducci: Theorbo , Lute

Francesco Schiro: Lute

Giovanni Maselli: Lute, Theorbo, baroque guitar

Music by  G. Frescobaldi T. Merula C. Monteverdi V. Galilei A. Falconieri

Fermo (FM) - Oratorio di S. Domenico - 21.30

24 July - Monday


Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco Music by Paco Seco

Fermo (FM) - Oratorio S. Monica - 21.30

5 August - Saturday

JONATHAN GANGI - "From America to Italy"(USA)

Classical Guitar

Music by D.Reis, J. Pernambuco, J. Morel, M. Gangi, A. Piazzolla, C. Carlos Payés

Porto San Giorgio  (FM) - Rocca Tiepolo - 21.30

22 August - Monday

NICOLA MONTELLA  "The Romantic Guitar" - (ITALY)

Classical Guitar

Music by F. Carulli, I.Albeniz, F. Tarrega, N.Paganini, M. Llobet

San Ginesio (MC) - Complesso monumentale dei Santi Tommaso e Barnaba- 21.30




Julia Trintschuk began learning the guitar at the age of 4 with her father Anatolij Trintschuk.
At the early age of 6 she became a student of Prof. Mario Sicca in Stuttgart.

Later she studied with Martin Wiedmann, Prof. Johannes Monno, Ivo and Sofia Kaltchev and Mateus dela Fonte.

During this time she received many prizes in international and national guitar and music competitions and had masterclasses with Pepe Romero, Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser, Matthew Greif, John Dearman, Johannes Tonio Kreusch, Dimitri Illarionov, Celino Romero, Lito Romero, Judicael Perroy, Gerald Garcia, Dale Kavanagh, Roland Dyens and other important personalities of the international classical guitar community.

Julia launched her performing career at the age of 16 with the well-known "Concierto de Aranjuez“ for guitar and orchestra by Joaquin Rodrigo and has played as a soloist and chamber musician in places all over the world such as Mexico, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.

After years of socialising, cooperation and joint creation in various groups, Vojko Vešligaj and Mitja Režman present themselves for the first time as a duo. This gives them a new space and framework in which they can more intimately connect their lives, thoughts and feelings.
Their music is a combination of classical, jazz, world music, R'N'R and everything they've come across so far.
The concert program has its roots in Arab, Iberian and South American musical culture. They will present it sincerely and thoroughly to the audience.
Mascara 5.jpg

The storm of passion and the peace of the ocean, which rests somewhere amid the Iberian Peninsula, South America and their rich folklore, is the musical muse that connects Polona, Timi, Vojko and Mitja. Mascara explores the space inside and outside of the field of classical music; cautiously, respectfully, it colors over the line with a brush of tense strings and the warmth of human voice.

Polona Udovič, Timi Krajnc, Vojko Vešligaj and Mitja Režman  are classically trained musicians, acclaimed at home and abroad. The quartet is a reflection of their valuable musical experiences and their deep understanding of music, their artistic careers and their intensive work with numerous artists, chamber groups, orchestras, ensembles, in concert halls and at festivals around the world.

Their music expresses so powerfully, so directly and so concisely that poignant longing captured on the streets of Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Lisbon... halfway between bordellos and milongas... joy and a sad melancholy feeling...amongst merchants, sailors and African's the music played at night when all kinds of masks are allowed (mascara - Spanish word for mask), the music which comes with moonshine and dies down at daybreak...


His musical education, which ranges between different styles, leads him to graduate with highest honors in 2000 at the Conservatory of Music "G.B.Pergolesi" of Fermo. In 2006 complete, among the first in Italy, the II Degree Level in Guitar also with honors.

For over twenty years he performs as a soloist, soloist with orchestra and in various chamber ensembles (EONGuitarQuartet, DuoPorto), in more than 20 countries in different continents. Treating various premieres of contemporary works, has to his credit many recordings including the CD Ad Parnassum and Music for winds & guitars of Euro Teodori composer also Guitare and Eon Guitar Quartet with the eponymous quartet . As a soloist he has recorded in 2010 Suites y sonatas de latino america ​​with music by A.Lauro, G.Montana and A.Ginastera and in 2013 The winter of our discontent published by the "Guitart Collection", monographic CD with booklet attachment of H.W.Henze, which collects the Royal Winter Music I & II. New release in January 2017 with the new CD Obsequio à el Maestro, a monograph of M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco with the accompanying booklet. Graduated from the University of Bologna in Conservation of Cultural Heritage, and also in Guitar and Music education, in 2005 he becomes "Master of Art" in guitar, achieving brilliantly the “Konzertdiplom” at the Musikhochschule in Luzern.

Currently is Professor of guitar at the Conservatory "G.Paisiello" of Taranto in Italy.


The Archibugio ensemble was born in 2015 from the artistic idea of musicians all trained at the ancient music school of Maestro Massimo Lonardi at the Ancient Music School of Venice and the Pavia Conservatory. The founders of the group, Francesco Schiro, Marco Banducci and Giovanni Maselli are all graduates with honors in instruments of the lute family, baroque guitar, theorbo, vihuela and chamber music on original instruments.

The Archibugio ensemble has appeared in various billboards and concert halls of considerable prestige and above all of historical and artistic value such as the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the theater of the Villa Reale in Monza, the ancient music festival of Monza and Brianza, Pavia Musica Antica, Milano Festival “Canone Inverso”, Festival “Corde d'Autunno” and many others.
The Archibugio stands out for the remarkable artistic and human harmony of the components which is detected in the performances always characterized by an atmosphere of deep spiritual involvement and by the great empathetic impact that the musicians manage to trigger with the audience in the hall.

Currently the Archibugio has been enriched with the entry into its team of the fresh, graceful but intense voice of the singer Miriam Fantacone.


Paco Seco is a guitarist and an open, versatile and creative musician. His music is a result of much self-discipline and knowledge. Through discovery and adventure he has reinterpreted his experiences into music accentuating his southern Spanish spirit. He has developed a unique style of playing the guitar, an unusual blend between the clean cut sound of classical and deep-rooted flamenco guitar. Consequently his compositions once played are versatile and evoke fresh nuances, rhythms, cadences and strummings, closer to jazz than flamenco. These diverse harmonies shape his personal playing style and therefore the music. His concerts are full of evocation, enigma, generosity and soul. His music has taken him to the London Guitar Festival, Genoa Mediterranean Music Festival, Omis Guitar Festival, Sarajevo Sevdah Festival, Brno Guitar Festival, Buitengewoon Festival Doetinchem, Fiuggi Guitar Festival, San Remo International Guitar Festival, Tangier´s Music Fête, Beem Cultural Centre of Lisbon, The Circle of Fine Arts in Madrid, International Festival of Music, & Dance of Granada, Elk Music Festival, the Royal Alcazar of Sevilla. He has played in Croacia, Poland, Bosnia, Czech Republic, India, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, England, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain…

Jonathan Gangi Promo Pic Vertical.jpg
Dr. Jonathan Gangi holds the position of Associate Professor of Music (Guitar) & Arts Entrepreneurship at The Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Gangi is the founding director of the guitar program at the Penn State School of Music, teaching classical guitar and coaching chamber music. As an artist, notable performances include the Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra as Guest Soloist for Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez, the Rantucci International Guitar Festival, the ‘Classical Minds’ Guitar Festival, and Guitfest 2022 at Conservatorio Santa Cecilia in Rome, Italy, among many others. Dr. Gangi is also the founding director of the arts entrepreneurship program at Penn State University, is a founding member of the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Education, and has published articles in the Journal of Arts Management, Law & Society, the Journal of Arts Entrepreneurship Research, and Artivate: A Journal of Entrepreneurship in the Arts, among others.

Born in 1987, Nicola Montella began studying classical guitar at the age of eight, under the guidance of Maestro G. M. Fontanella, graduating in 2005 with honors. In 2009 he obtained the specialist degree enabling the teaching of musical instrument (Guitar). At the Avellino Conservatory, in 2011, under the direction of M° Lucio Matarazzo, he obtained, with full marks, a specialist degree in musical disciplines with an interpretative and compositional focus in Guitar, Concert Area on 20th Century Music. To complete his studies, from 2004-2007, he attended the annual courses of High Guitar Specialization with Maurizio Colonna at the Roman Academy of Music. From 2008, at the "Città di Gorizia" Musical Foundation (from 2009 also at the Avellino Conservatory), until June 2011, he attended the two-year courses of High Guitar Specialization of Maestro Aniello Desiderio. In the years 2011-2013 he attended the two-year course in High Guitar Specialization at the International Academy of Music in Koblenz (Germany) and, subsequently, the courses in the guitar repertoire of M° Paolo Pegoraro and M° Adriano del Sal, at the «Francisco Tarrega Music Academy » of Pordenone.
He has recorded for the Publishing House of OZ, of Saint Romuald (Quebec) Canada, the studio n. 6, in the volume America friends 24 guitar studies, edited by G. Tortora. His profitable concert activity has seen him protagonist in renowned musical events both in Italy and abroad. Over the years, he has been awarded in numerous important national and international guitar competitions. He alternates his concert commitment with teaching activity, also with Master classes held within renowned guitar events in Italy and abroad.

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