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The Summer of the guitar!

Reserve your seat: Fermo concerts +39 (0) 734.343434; P. S.Giorgio concerts 3924450125

All the concerts are free entrance...


4 July -Monday

DUO GUIRIMBADU - "Timeless Sunds" - (PORTUGAL)

Eudoro GradeGuitar

Vasco Ramalho - marimba

Music by L.Brouwer, H.Villa-Lobos, M.Pereira e E.Gismonti

Torre di Palme (FM) - Largo Milone - 21.30 *

11July - Monday

FABIO MONTOMOLI - "L'arte di J.S.Bach" - (ITALY)

Classic Guitar

Musiche by  J.S.Bach: Partite BWV 1004, 1013, "Offerta musicale" BWV 1079

Torre di Palme (FM) - Largo Milone - 21.30 *


12July - Tuesday

CARLOS PINANA en Concierto -  “De la Raíz al Alma” - (SPAIN)

Carlos Pinana - Flamenco Guitar

Miguel Angelo Orengo - percussions

Flamenco music by Carlos Pinana

Porto San Giorgio (FM) - Rocca Tiepolo - 21.30 **

13 July - Wensday

CARLOS PINANA en Concierto -  “De la Raíz al Alma” - (SPAIN)

Carlos Pinana - Flamenco Guitar

Miguel Angelo Orengo - percussions

Flamenco music by Carlos Pinana

Campofilone(FM) - Orto abbaziale - 21.30 *

18July - Monday

CARLO PIGNATTA - "Di amori poesie e danze" (ITALY)


Musiche by  D.Bogdanèvic, A.Josè, N.D'Angelo, R.Dyens

Torre di Palme (FM) - Largo Milone - 21.30 *

19 July - Tuesday


Bobby Rootvled - Guitar, percussion, voice

Sanna Van Elst - Recorder, voice

music mixed with theatre and comedy, Klezmer, Yiddish songs, restored music composed during the Shoah. 

Porto San Giorgio (FM) - Rocca Tiepolo - 21.30

8 August- Monday


Leonardo Vannimartini- Guitar

Sara Masi- Guitar

Music by di M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco, I.Albeniz, E.Granados

Torre di Palme (FM) - Largo Milone - 21.30

22 August - Monday


CLassic Guitar

Tra Francia e Sud America: musiche di F.Couperin, J.P.Rameau, M.De Falla, M.Llobet, A.Mangorè e H.Villa-Lobos

San Ginesio (MC) - Complesso monumentale dei Santi Tommaso e Barnaba- 21.30


* in case of bad weather the concert will be in Chiesa di S.Agostino - Torre di palme (FM)

** in case of bad weather the concert will be in Chiesa del Rosario - Porto S.Giorgio (FM)



From the artistic and academic activities developed by the musicians Eudoro Grade (guitar) and Vasco Ramalho (marimba) it was possible to design a project that would provide the interaction between the gentleness and melodic poetry of the marimba with the freedom and exaltation of the guitar.

The mixture results in a timeless, non-conformist sound, in an intimate identification of African and European matrix, a metamorphosis of sounds and moments which enthral and surprise us.

The "Timeless Sounds" project, calls us therefore to a repertoire of both structural improvisations as well as melodic motifs of ethnic inspiration or theme "songs" focused on the construction of traditional sounds, in a strong rescue proposal of contemporary musicality.

Guirimbadu has performed in several national and international music festivals.

_KMP5761 (1).jpeg
Fabio Montomoli
Fabio Montomoli is recognized by critics as "A great interpreter of the international scene, with the most beautiful sound in circulation, with power, penetration and a wide variety of timbres"
He graduated with full marks at the “S.Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome with Maestro Carlo Carfagna. He attended the permanent course at the "Mozarteum" in Salzburg studying Klassische Gitarre with M ° Eliot Fisk and M ° Joaquin Clerch-Diaz and Barockmusik with M ° Nikolaus Harnoncourt. He studies counterpoint and composition with Maestro Francesco Iannitti Piromallo.
Winner of first prizes in seven of the most important national competitions, in 1992 he won the "Mauro Giuliani" international guitar competition.
He then began his concert career that led him to play in the most important concert seasons in Europe, Asia, the United States, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Oceania with more than 900 concerts as a soloist, in various chamber music ensembles, accompanied by 'orchestra with a vast repertoire. He has recorded 10 CDs for the “classic SAM” record company of Lari (Pi) where various first absolute recordings and transcriptions of important instrumental works stand out.
Very active as a teacher he holds Master Classes all over the world in the most important guitar festivals. Since 2003 he is artistic director and founder of the "Palmiero Giannetti International Guitar Festival" in Grosseto and of the "Alvaro Mantovani International Guitar Festival" in Follonica.
Fabio Montomoli is represented exclusively by the Massa Konzertmanagement Agency (IAMA World).
Carlos Pinana en concierto

He belongs to one of the most important families with a long tradition in the world of flamenco: the Piñana family. He is the grandson of the famous patriarch of the Cantes Mineros, Mr. Antonio Piñana (father) and son of guitarist Antonio Piñana (son). He has lived and assimilated flamenco since his childhood. His own father's was his first teacher, contributing from the beginning to the development of his facet as a guitarist.
At the age of 10, he began his classical guitar studies at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Cartagena, simultaneously delving into the ins and outs of flamenco guitar, in which he very soon began to stand out. Proof of the foregoing are the numerous awards he has received in his professional career, serving as an example the one achieved in 1996 when he won the First Prize and the Bordón Minero at the Festival Internacional del Cante de las Minas. In 1998 he won the “Ramón Montoya” National Concert Guitar Award at the Córdoba Flamenco Art Festival and in that same year he also won the “Sabicas” First Prize at the Calasparra National Festival of Young Flamencos and the “Important 98 ” granted by the newspaper La Opinion de Murcia. In 2001 he was awarded the "2001 Alum Prize" by the Emma Egea Foundation, in recognition of his vocation and work. In 2017 he obtained the Prize for the best flamenco album "Rubato" at the Music Awards of the Region of Murcia.
In 2018 he obtains by opposition the position of Professor of Flamenco Guitar at the Superior Conservatory of Music of Murcia. Carlos Piñana has a Superior Degree in Guitar and a Master's Degree in Musical Research from the University of Murcia.

Carlo Pignatta

"Di amori poesie e danze"

He began studying guitar at the age of 4 under the guidance of Elio Galvagno, at the Suzuki school in Saluzzo. He participates in the numerous concerts of the guitar orchestra performing at the Suzuki Convention in Turin, London, Geneva, Zurich, Montecarlo, Florence and other important European cities. In 2021 he graduated in Law from the University of Turin with a thesis on musical activities in prison as a rehabilitation tool for inmates and obtained a II level Academic Diploma in guitar, at the "G. Verdi ”in Turin, obtaining full marks with honors. In 2018 he won the first absolute prize, with a score of 100/100 at the regional competition "Young Interpreters" in Turin. In 2020, he obtained the first prize at the "Festina Lente" International Online Competition in Treviso, the mention at the "Ansaldi" Competition in Briaglia (CN) and in 2021 the absolute first prize at the Music Competition organized by the Fossano Musica Foundation and the absolute first prize at the European Music Competition in Moncalieri. 
In April 2021, his first EP "Circle" was released on all digital music platforms, including the song "Mysterious Habitats" by Dusan Bogdanovic and the two songs "Parole" and "Ritrovarsi", of his own composition. In March 2022 the second was released, “Ricordo”, including “Scelta”, “Tempo” and “Ricordo”, all three unpublished.

Alessandro Deiana

Coming from a family of teachers, pushed by his father to follow his natural inclination towards music, he began studying classical guitar at a very young age under the guidance of Maestro Armando Marrosu. After graduation he follows the courses of the late Maestro Alberto Ponce, one of the greatest guitar interpreters and founder of a guitar school without precedent in history, specializing himself at the École Normale de Musique in Paris, where, in 2002, he obtained the Diplôme Supérieur d'Exécution en Guitare. Upon his return to Italy, he deepens music teaching first, obtaining the diploma in Music Didactics in 2007 with full marks and honors and concluding, in 2009, the Biennium Advanced Teacher Training.

As a teacher he worked in the conservatories of Bussy Saint-George and Savigny le Temple (France) and for many years in the Civic School of Music of Olbia. Currently he teaches guitar at the musical address of the Comprehensive Institute of Tempio Pausania and holds the role of artistic director of the Civic School of Music of the same city.

He has been awarded in various national and international musical and guitar performance competitions ("Emilio Pujol" of Sassari, "Fernando Sor" of Rome, "Maria Luisa Anido" of Cagliari and others) He has made numerous recordings (Bongiovanni, KNS Classical, Da Vinci Publishing, Iskeliu), radio and television in Italy and abroad. Among the recordings we remember "Napoleòn Coste - Works for guitar and oboe" (Bongiovanni 2001/2013), "Johann Kaspar Mertz - A guitar portrait" (Da Vinci - 2020), "A los maestros. 20th Century Music for Bandoneon and Guitar "(Da Vinci - 2021)


Together Bobby Rootveld (guitar) and Sanna van Elst (recorders) form Duo NIHZ. This duo from The Netherlands is currently based in Germany. Next to the traditional classical repertoire Duo NIHZ specializes in music mixed with theatre and comedy, Klezmer, Yiddish songs, and the restauration of music composed during the Shoah. 

Numerous composers composed especially for Duo NIHZ including Nikita Koshkin, Annette Kruisbrink, Gianmartino Maria Durighello, Fred Rootveld, Louis Ignatius Gall, Stefan Grasse, Jim ten Boske, Nutavut Ratanakarn and Jan Bijkerk.

Duo NIHZ collaborates with other artists like storytellers (Loek Boer, Benjamin Stedler), guitarist Alberto Mesirca, chazan Baruch Chauskin and saxophonist Gergö Pazmandi.

Duo NIHZ released several cd’s and dvd’s. In 2009 Duo NIHZ received a special 'Certificate of Acknowledgement' during the International Jewish Music Festival of Amsterdam.

In January 2011 Duo NIHZ opened it’s own concert hall in Nordhorn, Germany: . Kulturhaus NIHZ contains Europe's biggest classical guitar library-and research archive including sheet-music, cd's and lp's. Bobby and Sanna are also the founders of the Guitar Festival Nordhorn and Recorder Festival Nordhorn.

foto Sara.jpeg
Vannimartini-Masi Duo
Theri program has inspiration as a red thread: the composers performed have in fact in common that they have found inspiration in the popular repertoire, starting only from the thematic material used, as in Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Granados and Albéniz, up to get to Gangi, who builds a suite by inserting real forms of dance, including the famous tarantella that closes the work.
Finally, Poetry, which together with dance is perhaps the most connected to music of the arts, in addition to giving the title to the work of Granados, is perhaps the element common to all the popular traditions that often accompanied their activities of all kinds, from those closely related to everyday life to religious recurrences, poems and nursery rhymes that were rendered to music to facilitate their memorization and which today constitute one of the most characteristic features of every culture.
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